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    ActiSol is dehydrated Hen Manure is a fantastic soil additive for supplementing soil with natural calcium.  Helps roots develop and provides fertilizer to the plant.  Especially effective as an organic fertilizer for fruit, veggies and herbs. ActiSol is also used to deter squirrels and they can smell the product (humans can not) and move away from the plant.  Very helpful when planting bulbs, especially tulips.
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    • Great blood based deer and rabbit repellent.
    •  Needs to dry on the foliage.
    • Slight odor dissipates.
    • Repels for 30 days before reapplication is needed..
  • This is the best insecticidal soap because it "ends all" pest problems.  Non-chemical, it treats the infected plant by targeting the pests in the egg, nymph and adult stage of development.  One or two treatments usually stop the pest problems. Ready to use, 1 L spray container
  • A popular pelletized fertilizer that is great for vegetable gardens, trees, shrubs and evergreens, flowers, flowerbeds, bulbs, and lawns.  Certified for organic use.  Sprinkle on soil, no odour (thank heavens). Does deter squirrels from bulbs and other newly planted annuals too!
  • Our favourite tool!  Uses can include digging and cutting and includes depth markings for bulb planting.  Stainless steel blade.  
    • Great Fertilizer for your flowers and gardens; promotes bloom production
    • Water Soluble; Mix in into your watering can
    • Directions for use on container
    • Fantastic for Hanging Baskets, Patio Pots and Container Gardens
    • Using the "Slow Release" design, your plants will be fertilized every time they are watered or rained on
    • Great for when you are unable to regularly fertilize with water soluble fertilizer
    • Directions for use on container
  • A great metal "go between" your hanging basket hanger and your hook.  This device allows your hanging baskets to move and twirl in the wind, instead of banging against big gusts of wind.  It also allows you to turn your baskets daily so all sides get sun - super for porch hanging baskets!


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