• Our Seed Rack is the "Best Of" selection chosen by the professionals at Burpee Seeds.  We offer a curated selection of flowers, herbs and vegetables including some organic and heirloom varieties. It is best to shop in store for our seed selection but if that is not possible, please send us an email requesting our list of options and we can create a custom seed order for curb side pick up.  Email:  info@griffinsgreenhouses.com            Or create a list/order from hovering over the photos included here to see varieties and email to us; we will follow up with a phone call or email to discuss payment and pick up times available. Packets range in price from $1.99 - $3.99.
  • Yellow onions will grow to be well sized and are excellent for cooking. The easiest and best way to grow your onions is to use 'sets' which are small bulbs that are planted in spring and grow into full-sized onions by summer's end.
  • This delicious mix is for every onion lover. Grow 25 white, 25 red and 30 yellow onion and you’ll have onions for months. The easiest and best way to grow your onions is to use these 'sets' which are small bulbs that are planted in spring and grow into full-sized onions by summer's end.
  • Bluetiful blooms are 6” Blue lavender, some would say periwinkle. This is a very compact and study plant of 3 ½’. Great cut flower and a real eye catcher! As close to blue as you can get with a dahlia. Decorative dahlias produce more, but smaller blooms than their Dinnerplate cousins.
  • Roselily Romance is the perfect pink and white combination pollen free double oriental lily with a light pleasant fragrance. Easy to grow producing blooms for many years. Perfect in a full sun location flowering from mid to late summer. The absence of staining pollen makes Roselily perfect to use for bouquets.  36" tall, best grown in a sunny garden.
  • Kennebec are a mid-season maturing potato that are oblong with white skin and flesh. They are great for boiling, baking or frying.
  • This potato is oval shaped with yellow skin and infrequent shallow pink eyes. Its yellow flesh retains its colour when cooked. Yukon Gold Organic seed potatoes are high yielding and produce a high percentage of large potatoes. A very attractive potato, it also keeps very well and has a naturally long dormancy. Yukon Gold potatoes are excellent for baking, boiling, roasting, and frying.
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    Pretty Please Dahlia are very pretty as cut flowers.  Lush plants that produce masses of 4” sized blooms with unique sunset coloured petals.  A cutting garden favoutrite! Great for Containers & Mixed Borders.
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    Smokey Amethyst is the perfect pair of two-toned decorative dahlias.  Each bloom is stunning on its own. Intense deep velvet purple petals tipped in white complement subtle lavender shades and deep dark purple centres.  The light against dark, dark against light hazy purple shades build superb contrast. Easy to grow dahlias enjoy full sun and bloom continuously from mid-summer to fall. The more you cut flowers for bouquets, the more they’ll bloom.
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    Summer Fiesta Dahlia is a bright and bold decorative dahlia mix.  Enjoy 18 cm (7”) blooms, ‘Summer Fiesta’ grows to a height of 90 cm (36”) and loves full sun.  Add a festive touch of vibrant yellows and ruby reds to your garden.
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    This Giant Dinnerplate Mix Dahlia is a spectacular selection!  Each plant will reach almost four feet tall and will be a focal point in any sunny cutting garden.  Each plant will have multiple blooms throughout the Summer.  Each packet will contain random tubers that may be solid or two tone in a myriad of colours.

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