Soils And Mulches

  • The soil for Cactus & Succulent Plants is specially designed for the potting of succulent plants that are particularly adapted to drought. This soil made of sphagnum peat moss and sand promotes fast water drainage while maintaining the ideal moisture level for this type of plant.
  • A top dressing for flower beds that looks great, suppresses weeds and retains moisture.  Natural cedar is the only colour we carry in cedar mulch.  56L bag
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    Approved for organic gardening, the ORCHID Potting Mix is specially designed for orchids and other epiphytes such as bromeliads and anthuriums. This soil made of western bark and coconut husk chunks does not compact, allowing air and water to be absorbed by the plant's roots. 5L (1 kg.) bag
  • Approved for organic gardening, the Connaisseur® Potting Soil for INDOOR PLANTS is specially designed for potting a wide range of tropical and indoor plants. This sphagnum peat moss based soil is enriched with coconut husk fibre and natural fertilizer for exceptional results. USES Soil mix specially designed for potting indoor plants. It is specially blended for plant species such as: caladium, camellia, croton, dieffenbachia, dracaena, fern, ficus, hibiscus, ivy, oleander, palm, peperomia, philodendron, pothos, sansevieria, schefflera, spathiphyllum, spider plant, syngonium and many others. It is also recommended for growing herbs indoors in containers. NOTE:  If this exact product is out of stock, a similar product may be subbed at the same price.
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    Griffin's Choice - our favourite soil for adding nutrient to your gardens and container plantings! An excellent soil amendment for your garden, flowers or vegetables. Super for grass over seeding or adding small amounts to potting soil when planting your containers. We call it “Jet Fuel” for your garden!
    • Compost with Peat, Seaweed & Shrimp
    • Perfect Top Dresser
    • Enriches Flower Beds & Vegetable Gardens
    • Gives a Mid-Season Boost to containers
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    Griffin's Choice - Our favourite soil for general gardening! A great soil additive for new or existing flower and vegetable gardens.  A mixture of peat moss, top soil and manure.  30L bag
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    An organic soil mix for vegetable and herb gardening.  Nutrient rich, clean and ready to help develop strong root systems on veggie seedlings and plants.  30L bag
  • Griffin's Choice - our favourite soil for container gardening! Our recommended mix for your container gardening needs.  A light water retention agent is added to help maintain moisture during the hot months.  This mix is sterilized (weed free) and easy to work with.
    • 30% Less Watering
    • 2X More Blooms
    • Plants grow up to 2X bigger
    • 0.3-0-0.2.


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