Deluxe Geraniums – 6″ Pot

Deluxe Geraniums – 6″ Pot


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Our Deluxe Geraniums are grown in 6″ pots to give them the space they need to grow BIG.  Most varieties in this collection are “Calliope”, the gorgeous geranium with the HUGE, richly coloured blooms.  We use a lot of Calliope Geraniums in our mixed planters because they are so amazing!

Growing to 16-18″ tall and spreading 16-18″ wide, these deluxe geraniums will be lovely all summer.  Plant in full sun for best results and water as needed, fertilize weekly.

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6″ pots promote strong root development and provide a fuller plant for combo planting or in gardens

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Calliope Red, Dynamo Orange, Calliope White, Calliope Salmon, Calliope Lavender, Calliope Rose Mega Splash, Calliope Burgandy