Outdoor Evergreen Arrangement, Sun. Nov. 13, 1:00 pm.

Outdoor Evergreen Arrangement, Sun. Nov. 13, 1:00 pm.


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We’ve added an opportunity to go back to basics and create an evergreen arrangement in either a 12″ round, fibre planter (works as an urn insert or stand-alone pot), 24″ fibre window box /rectangular planter or 12″ fibre hanging basket.

Using a selection of fresh evergreens, participants will fill the planter of their choice (to choose upon arrival or make notation in NOTES section) with layers and layers for optimum fullness.  Natural accents such as sedum, hydrangeas and pine cones will be offered, along with a visit to the “Accent Buffet” to choose 5 additional accents to make your arrangement truly unique and spectacular.

*If you have a container you’d like to bring to this workshop that is similar in size to the fibre options listed above, you may do so.  Please bring it empty of soil and know we will be adding in foam and sand/soil to create a base for you to use.  There is no reduction in the fee if you choose to bring your own container.  If you require a liner for a metal frame container, an additional charge will be added.


  • hands on workshop; all materials are included
  • Length of time slot:  1.25 – 1.5 hours
  • Workshop fee: $65.00 + HST ($60.00 + HST for 2022 Customer Card Holders)
  • If you are a 2022 Customer Card Holder, please pay Deposit Only and the remainder of the fee ($50.00 + HST) will be payable upon arrival to the workshop

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