Solenia Begonia – 4″ Pot

Solenia Begonia – 4″ Pot


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So popular!  One of our best selling 4″ specialty annuals, Solenia Begonias are a newer breed begonia developed to tolerate more sun than traditional tuberous begonias.  The SOL portion of the name is the Spanish word for SUN.

Best grown in partial sun (a.m. sun or late afternoon is best) to shade, these heavy blooming annuals will stun in mixed planters or alone in a pot or even flower bed.  Blooms are heavy on the plant and, in windy situations, may need light staking to support all of the blooms.  Once blooms are done, they dry up and blow away, so no deadheading is required.

As with all begonias, water as needed for consistent health, but do not allow to sit in excess water or over water as they will rot at the base.

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4″ pots are great for making mixed combination planters

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