• ZZ Plant

    ZZ Plants (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) are a special, easy-care houseplants!  The bright green shiny leaves of this foliage plant form a zig zag pattern on each arching stem.  Best in medium, indirect light ZZ Plants can also tolerate lower light but will grow slowly.  
  • Bright yellow, this cute wooden birdhouse is on a 18" dowel, easy to stick into your favourite plant, indoors or out. Welcome Spring to your home with this fun decor stake.
  • With so many fabulous wee decorative (3") pots to choose and collect, the need for wee plants to put in them is high!  In small 2.5" grower pots, this collection of five plants will include:  pilea, calandivia and 3 ferns.  Choice of ferns and colour of calandivia will be of the grower (if you wish, request a specific colour of calandivia in the NOTES section of the check out page and we will try our best to accommodate).  
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    Griffin's Choice - our favourite soil for container gardening! Our recommended mix for your container gardening needs.  A light water retention agent is added to help maintain moisture during the hot months.  This mix is sterilized (weed free) and easy to work with.
    • 30% Less Watering
    • 2X More Blooms
    • Plants grow up to 2X bigger
    • 0.3-0-0.2.
  • They are here!  The much sought-after sister of the classic trailing String of Pearls, the variegated String of Pearls feature white streaking in their pearls.  They need lots of bright light and allow to dry in between watering.  Combine multiple small pots to create a fuller look. 2" pots
  • Do you have an urn or similarly sized pot at your front door or on your porch?  Are you often at a loss as to what to plant in it, often leaving it empty from one season to the next?  We can help! Our Urn Club is a special program that helps those who don't have time or don't enjoy planting their own seasonal urn insert.  Participation offers four seasonal urn inserts for one fee, paid when the program is purchased:  Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  Upon purchase participants are given a card to show our staff during the 2-3 week scheduled pick up dates for each seasonal insert.  Inserts are designed by us offering the perfect mix for your outdoor display.  There are always 5-6 choices of colour and/or design (in the Summer, choices also include sun/shade/partial shade mixes).  There are no custom orders for this program; you'll find choice is always plentiful and the quality you expect from our team. BONUS:  For each Urn Club Program purchased from March 03-20, 2021 you will receive a complimentary $20.00 gift card to use at another time.  
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    An organic soil mix for vegetable and herb gardening.  Nutrient rich, clean and ready to help develop strong root systems on veggie seedlings and plants.  30L bag
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    Griffin's Choice - Our favourite soil for general gardening! A great soil additive for new or existing flower and vegetable gardens.  A mixture of peat moss, top soil and manure.  30L bag
    • Good all purpose fertilizer for strong and faster growing plants.
    • Water soluble; a powder to mix in your own watering can.
    • Directions for use on container.
  • Starburst DIY Kit

    Spring will burst forward with this DIY Kit!  Using a wooden cream coloured Star-shaped container (yes, the one offered in the Winter Kit series) you will line it with plastic and then plant a grouping of daffodils in the centre along with five deluxe ferns, one in each star point.  The daffs will burst into bloom in the middle and last for approximately three weeks.  Once done blooming you can replace them with fresh daffodils or shift the planted ferns to cover the centre area and display a mixed fern planter for months to come! Detailed written instructions are included.  Options include to purchase the Full Kit or Plants Only (if you already have the star from the Winter series).
  • This value package is great for those who wish to brighten the home with a pot of bulbs in each room!  Or, why not give one of the pots of bulbs to a friend and spread some happiness? The package consists of three pots of 6" bulbs:  one each of tulip, daffodil and hyacinth.  Colour selection is grower's choice but if you indicate a tulip or hyacinth colour preference in the NOTES section in the check out, we will try our best to accommodate when packing your order.
  • A lovely mixed Bulb Pan for those who like the best of Spring!  The 7" pot has a selection of pre-sprouted bulbs including:  tulip, mini daffodil and hyacinth. Long lasting, these bulbs will cycle in bloom for approximately 3 weeks.
    • Ideal for tilling and grooming soil.
    • Perfect for seeding or starting a new garden.
    • Creates evenly spaced planting slots with ease.
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    Griffin's Choice - our favourite soil for adding nutrient to your gardens and container plantings! An excellent soil amendment for your garden, flowers or vegetables. Super for grass over seeding or adding small amounts to potting soil when planting your containers. We call it “Jet Fuel” for your garden!
    • Compost with Peat, Seaweed & Shrimp
    • Perfect Top Dresser
    • Enriches Flower Beds & Vegetable Gardens
    • Gives a Mid-Season Boost to containers
    • Designed to get the toughest and deepest roots out of your gardens.
    • Sturdy metal to combat thick roots without sustaining damage
    • Premium quality
    • Smooth cutting
    • Hardened Tempered blades
    • Comfortable handle grip
  • Approved for organic gardening, the Connaisseur® Potting Soil for INDOOR PLANTS is specially designed for potting a wide range of tropical and indoor plants. This sphagnum peat moss based soil is enriched with coconut husk fibre and natural fertilizer for exceptional results. USES Soil mix specially designed for potting indoor plants. It is specially blended for plant species such as: caladium, camellia, croton, dieffenbachia, dracaena, fern, ficus, hibiscus, ivy, oleander, palm, peperomia, philodendron, pothos, sansevieria, schefflera, spathiphyllum, spider plant, syngonium and many others. It is also recommended for growing herbs indoors in containers.
  • Peperomia Obtusifolia

    Also called Baby Rubber Plants, these easy care houseplants add the elegance of variegated foliage to a room.  Best in medium to bright indirect light, they can also tolerate low light but the vibrancy of the variegation will diminish.  Water as needed (usually 1-2 times per week) allowing the soil to dry between waterings.  Small and compact, these plants grow slowly in our Canadian homes. 4" and 6" pots.
  • With many shiny green leaves and white spike blooms, this houseplant is majestic.  With good care, blooms can last months.  New spikes of bloom are slow to emerge and there may be times when this plant is foliage only.  Best grown in medium indirect light, peace lilies can tolerate low light but will take even longer to re-bloom.
  • Approved for organic gardening, the ORCHID Potting Mix is specially designed for orchids and other epiphytes such as bromeliads and anthuriums. This soil made of western bark and coconut husk chunks does not compact, allowing air and water to be absorbed by the plant's roots. 5L (1 kg.) bag
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