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    • Stainless steel blades.
    • Great for use in the garden, around the house, or in the shop.
    • Great blood based deer and rabbit repellent.
    •  Needs to dry on the foliage.
    • Slight odor dissipates.
    • Repels for 30 days before reapplication is needed..
  • Out of stock
    A top dressing for flower beds that looks great, suppresses weeds and retains moisture.  Natural cedar is the only colour we carry in cedar mulch.  56L bag
    • Easy to use - just fill with potting soil & add plants or seeds.
    • Durable burlap construction with poly lining for long lasting beauty.
    • Portable to provide ideal sun exposure.
    • Generous 10 Gallon soil capacity - ideal for growing vegetables, herbs and annuals.
  • This is the best insecticidal soap because it "ends all" pest problems.  Non-chemical, it treats the infected plant by targeting the pests in the egg, nymph and adult stage of development.  One or two treatments usually stop the pest problems. Ready to use, 1 L spray container
  • Extension Hooks

    • Perfect for adjusting the hanging height of anything indoor or outdoor.
    • Solid metal to sustain high weights
    • Sleek black to go with any surroundings
  • Gift Cards

    Give the Gift of Griffins today and purchase a Gift Card of $25.00, $50.00, $75.00, or $100.00 all with NO TAX! Sending gifts is easier with Griffins Gift Cards so purchase yours today.  Gift Cards are available for pick up or delivery.  A option to mail to the recipient is also available.
  • MYKE Fertilizer

    This natural growth enhancer is developed with PTB297 technology. It contains endomycorrhizae that contributes to healthier plants and increase the plants ability to absorb water nutrients and water from the soil.
    • Available in 3 varieties: Vegetables and Herbs(Green), Flower(Orange), Trees and Shrubs(Blue)
    • Premium quality
    • Smooth cutting
    • Hardened Tempered blades
    • Comfortable handle grip
    • Designed to get the toughest and deepest roots out of your gardens.
    • Sturdy metal to combat thick roots without sustaining damage
  • Griffin's Choice - our favourite soil for adding nutrient to your gardens and container plantings! An excellent soil amendment for your garden, flowers or vegetables. Super for grass over seeding or adding small amounts to potting soil when planting your containers. We call it “Jet Fuel” for your garden!
    • Compost with Peat, Seaweed & Shrimp
    • Perfect Top Dresser
    • Enriches Flower Beds & Vegetable Gardens
    • Gives a Mid-Season Boost to containers
    • Ideal for tilling and grooming soil.
    • Perfect for seeding or starting a new garden.
    • Creates evenly spaced planting slots with ease.
    • Good all purpose fertilizer for strong and faster growing plants.
    • Water soluble; a powder to mix in your own watering can.
    • Directions for use on container.
    • Fantastic for Hanging Baskets, Patio Pots and Container Gardens.
    • Using the "Slow Release" design, your plants will be fertilized every time they are watered or rained on.
    • Directions for use on container.
    • Great Fertilizer for your flowers and gardens.
    • Water Soluble; Mix in into your watering can.
    • Directions for use on container.
  • Out of stock
    Griffin's Choice - Our favourite soil for general gardening! A great soil additive for new or existing flower and vegetable gardens.  A mixture of peat moss, top soil and manure.  30L bag
  • Out of stock
    An organic soil mix for vegetable and herb gardening.  Nutrient rich, clean and ready to help develop strong root systems on veggie seedlings and plants.  30L bag
  • Out of stock
    Griffin's Choice - our favourite soil for container gardening! Our recommended mix for your container gardening needs.  A light water retention agent is added to help maintain moisture during the hot months.  This mix is sterilized (weed free) and easy to work with.
    • 30% Less Watering
    • 2X More Blooms
    • Plants grow up to 2X bigger
    • 0.3-0-0.2.