• ActiSol is dehydrated Hen Manure is a fantastic soil additive for supplementing soil with natural calcium.  Helps roots develop and provides fertilizer to the plant.  Especially effective as an organic fertilizer for fruit, veggies and herbs. ActiSol is also used to deter squirrels and they can smell the product (humans can not) and move away from the plant.  Very helpful when planting bulbs, especially tulips.
    • Great blood based deer and rabbit repellent.
    •  Needs to dry on the foliage.
    • Slight odor dissipates.
    • Repels for 30 days before reapplication is needed..
  • The soil for Cactus & Succulent Plants is specially designed for the potting of succulent plants that are particularly adapted to drought. This soil made of sphagnum peat moss and sand promotes fast water drainage while maintaining the ideal moisture level for this type of plant.
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    A top dressing for flower beds that looks great, suppresses weeds and retains moisture.  Natural cedar is the only colour we carry in cedar mulch.  56L bag
  • Our popular Customer Appreciation Card is re-newed each year and you can now do this online!  Benefits of having a Customer Card:  5% off most transactions, $5.00 off Workshops, free Seminars, Special Invitations, E-Newsletter with hints and tips and much more.  This year a portion of the card fee will be donated to Alternatives Community Program Services. Your 2022 Customer Card will be in an envelope attached to your order.
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    Bluetiful blooms are 6” Blue lavender, some would say periwinkle. This is a very compact and study plant of 3 ½’. Great cut flower and a real eye catcher! As close to blue as you can get with a dahlia. Decorative dahlias produce more, but smaller blooms than their Dinnerplate cousins.
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    This Cactus Mix Dahlia is a spectacular selection!  Each plant will reach almost four feet tall and will be a focal point in any sunny cutting garden.  Blooms are pointed (resembling a spiked cactus, not form the cactus family).  Each plant will have multiple blooms throughout the Summer, perfect for a cutting garden.  Each packet will contain random tubers that may be solid or two tone in a myriad of colours.
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    This Giant Dinnerplate Mix Dahlia is a spectacular selection!  Each plant will reach almost four feet tall and will be a focal point in any sunny cutting garden.  Each plant will have multiple blooms throughout the Summer.  Each packet will contain random tubers that may be solid or two tone in a myriad of colours.
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    Pretty Please Dahlia are very pretty as cut flowers.  Lush plants that produce masses of 4” sized blooms with unique sunset coloured petals.  A cutting garden favoutrite! Great for Containers & Mixed Borders.
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    Smokey Amethyst is the perfect pair of two-toned decorative dahlias.  Each bloom is stunning on its own. Intense deep velvet purple petals tipped in white complement subtle lavender shades and deep dark purple centres.  The light against dark, dark against light hazy purple shades build superb contrast. Easy to grow dahlias enjoy full sun and bloom continuously from mid-summer to fall. The more you cut flowers for bouquets, the more they’ll bloom.
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    Summer Fiesta Dahlia is a bright and bold decorative dahlia mix.  Enjoy 18 cm (7”) blooms, ‘Summer Fiesta’ grows to a height of 90 cm (36”) and loves full sun.  Add a festive touch of vibrant yellows and ruby reds to your garden.
  • Thanksgiving is a busy time - for us and you!  We have created a fabulous take home do-it-yourself kit that includes all you need to make a lovely, lush potted arrangement that will last throughout the season.  The 8" round, high gloss ceramic planter colour choices are:  white, black, blue/teal hues (please state your colour preference in the notes of the online registration or when calling to register).  The value of this empty pot is $29.99!  Update, August 30, 2022:  Blue hued pots are sold out, please choose black or white. Plants included in the kit:  fancy fern, blooming calandivia, ivy, harvest coloured mum plus a few surprise, high value plant choices!  Trust us - it'll be lovely.  We'll add in pumpkin picks and wheat to make your table centrepiece unique! Added bonus:  many of the houseplants can be re-potted or even kept in the planter once the seasonal, expired plants are removed. Pick up for this DIY Kit is October 04-08.  Please state date you wish to pick up in the NOTES section of the check out/online registration.  
  • This is the best insecticidal soap because it "ends all" pest problems.  Non-chemical, it treats the infected plant by targeting the pests in the egg, nymph and adult stage of development.  One or two treatments usually stop the pest problems. Ready to use, 1 L spray container
  • A popular pelletized fertilizer that is great for vegetable gardens, trees, shrubs and evergreens, flowers, flowerbeds, bulbs, and lawns.  Certified for organic use.  Sprinkle on soil, no odour (thank heavens). Does deter squirrels from bulbs and other newly planted annuals too!
  • Our favourite tool!  Uses can include digging and cutting and includes depth markings for bulb planting.  Stainless steel blade.  
  • Mumkins

    Mumkins are our pretty floral arrangement that we make only one week a year - the week of Thanksgiving!  Using a small pie pumpkin, we hollow it out, add in floral foam and then artfully arrange florist quality mums, fillers such as waxflower, statice, ornamental grass plume and greenery in the pumpkin:  a Mumkin!  The freshness of Mumkins lasts for about one week, so choose your pick up date as close to your event as you can. In the NOTES section of check out indicate the colour scheme you wish and we will try our best to accomodate it.  Consider:  all whites/creams, Harvest colours (red, orange, yellow), purples, all yellow etc.
  • Approved for organic gardening, the ORCHID Potting Mix is specially designed for orchids and other epiphytes such as bromeliads and anthuriums. This soil made of western bark and coconut husk chunks does not compact, allowing air and water to be absorbed by the plant's roots. 5L (1 kg.) bag
  • Physical Gift Card

    Give the Gift of Griffins today and purchase a Gift Card of $10.00, $20.00, $50.00 OR Choose Your Own Amount to Gift! All with NO TAX! Sending gifts is easier with a Griffins Gift Cards that are picked up In-Store! Our Gift Cards can be used on our Website or in our Store. If you wish to send a Virtual Gift Card we also have you covered! Just choose our Virtual Gift Card option instead of this physical card option and enter the email address you wish your card to be emailed.
  • Approved for organic gardening, the Connaisseur® Potting Soil for INDOOR PLANTS is specially designed for potting a wide range of tropical and indoor plants. This sphagnum peat moss based soil is enriched with coconut husk fibre and natural fertilizer for exceptional results. USES Soil mix specially designed for potting indoor plants. It is specially blended for plant species such as: caladium, camellia, croton, dieffenbachia, dracaena, fern, ficus, hibiscus, ivy, oleander, palm, peperomia, philodendron, pothos, sansevieria, schefflera, spathiphyllum, spider plant, syngonium and many others. It is also recommended for growing herbs indoors in containers. NOTE:  If this exact product is out of stock, a similar product may be subbed at the same price.
  • Griffin's Choice - our favourite soil for adding nutrient to your gardens and container plantings! An excellent soil amendment for your garden, flowers or vegetables. Super for grass over seeding or adding small amounts to potting soil when planting your containers. We call it “Jet Fuel” for your garden!
    • Compost with Peat, Seaweed & Shrimp
    • Perfect Top Dresser
    • Enriches Flower Beds & Vegetable Gardens
    • Gives a Mid-Season Boost to containers


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