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    • Stainless steel blades.
    • Great for use in the garden, around the house, or in the shop.
  • ActiSol is dehydrated Hen Manure is a fantastic soil additive for supplementing soil with natural calcium.  Helps roots develop and provides fertilizer to the plant.  Especially effective as an organic fertilizer for fruit, veggies and herbs. ActiSol is also used to deter squirrels and they can smell the product (humans can not) and move away from the plant.  Very helpful when planting bulbs, especially tulips.
    • Great blood based deer and rabbit repellent.
    •  Needs to dry on the foliage.
    • Slight odor dissipates.
    • Repels for 30 days before reapplication is needed..
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    A top dressing for flower beds that looks great, suppresses weeds and retains moisture.  Natural cedar is the only colour we carry in cedar mulch.  56L bag
    • Easy to use - just fill with potting soil & add plants or seeds.
    • Durable burlap construction with poly lining for long lasting beauty.
    • Portable to provide ideal sun exposure.
    • Generous 10 Gallon soil capacity - ideal for growing vegetables, herbs and annuals.
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    This is the best insecticidal soap because it "ends all" pest problems.  Non-chemical, it treats the infected plant by targeting the pests in the egg, nymph and adult stage of development.  One or two treatments usually stop the pest problems. Ready to use, 1 L spray container
  • Extension Hooks

    • Perfect for adjusting the hanging height of anything indoor or outdoor.
    • Solid metal to sustain high weights
    • Sleek black to go with any surroundings
  • One of the most popular bulbs we sell!  Alliums are so whimsical and look Dr. Suess-like - so much fun!  Growing to 36" or more tall, these bulbs emerge late and bloom in June each year.  Best planted amid perennials as the leaves turn yellow and die back late in the season and the perennials can hide them. These giant purple blooms will be magnificent in sunny gardens.  2 bulbs per package.
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    "Antoinette" looks different each time you look to the garden!  The colour on each bloom fades and changes from a pink to apricot, with varying degrees of yellow and white.  A very popular tulip! Blooming mid season (usually early May), this tulip glows in sunny gardens.  6 bulbs per packet. Squirrels like tulips; consider planting with ActiSol, dehydrated Hen Manure, to deter them.
  • A stunner!  "Belfort" is a specialty tulip that double and a fringed variety.  In a rich burgundy colour, it will be the star of any sunny flower bed.  Late to bloom (usually mid to end of May), it is 18" tall and at least one bloom must go indoors as a cut flower to marvel there too! Six bulbs per package. Squirrels like tulips; consider planting with ActiSol, dehydrated Hen Manure, to deter them.
  • Botanical (also called Species) Tulips are small but beautiful in sunny flower beds; do plant in groupings of 3-7 bulbs for maximum impact.  Blooming mid Spring (usually early May or sooner), they are bright and cheery on the edges of gardens.  This type of tulip naturalizes well (reproduces under the soil) and in future years, the patches grow to produce many, many blooms! This mix has a wonderful mix of colours and 30 bulbs per package. Squirrels like tulips; consider planting with ActiSol, dehydrated  Hen Manure, to deter them.
  • Show Canadian pride with this classic mix of red and white tulips.  Similar in shape, these tulips planted in a random mix of 3-5 bulbs per grouping will be a showpiece in a sunny garden.  They will bloom mid Spring (usually early May). This value package has 16 bulbs. Squirrels like tulips; consider planting them with ActiSol, dehydrated Hen Manure, to deter them.
  • This is a  beautiful tulip for a beautiful tribute.  Celebrating the Canadians who fought to liberate Holland, this tulip is classic.  The colour is bright and striking in a sunny Spring garden; stems are 16-18" tall. This tulip blooms mid season (usually early May).  6 bulbs per packet. Squirrels like tulips; consider planting with ActiSol, dehydrated Hen Manure, to deter them.
  • We are in love with Anemones!  Also called "Windflowers", the beautiful round blooms are so delicate and the colours are a collection of pastel tones.   The bulbs are very tiny, but the plant, in the Spring, and it's blooms are robust and lovely. Plant in the Fall (for Spring blooms) in full to partial sun in well drained soil.
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    The classic look of a triumph tulip (shape description) never goes out of style.  A tried and true performer in a garden, "Cosmopolitan" is a clean, crisp pink tulip in a sunny Spring flower bed. 6 bulbs per packet; best if planted in small groupings. Squirrels like tulips; consider planting with ActiSol, dehydrated Hen Manure, to deter them.
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    Crocus are one of the first bulbs to emerge in the Spring.  These large flowering crocus are multi coloured and mixed in this value package of 30 bulbs.  Crocus are short (approximately 4" tall) and should be planted in groupings of 5-7 bulbs at the front of sunny flower beds.
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    Orange is the unifying colour of this Daffodil/Narcissus combination.  Small and large blooming daffs in cream, yellow and orange dance in the sun when planted in groupings of 3-5 bulbs in sunny flower beds.  One of the first bulb varieties to bloom, these beauties can also be a fragrant cut flower. Value packages have 14 bulbs.
  • Out of stock
    There are pretty double blooms on these daffodils but triple varieties in this mixed combination!  Three colour combos will be randomly mixed in the bag, so planting them in groupings of 3-5 bulbs will yield beautiful combinations in sunny flower beds.  Early/Mid Season blooming, these beauties can be fragrant cut flowers too. There are 12 bulbs in this value package.
  • Peony Tulips offer layers and layers of petals.  Double Gudoshnik is a beautiful double peony tulip in shades of orange.  Best planted in a sunny garden, it should be planted in small groupings.  6 bulbs per packet. Squirrels like tulips; consider planting with ActiSol, dehydrated Hen  Manure to deter them.
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